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Can't do bare legs?

Alternatives that look as good as the real thing!

It's a youthful, sexy look: bare legs with sandals and skirts. But if you've got less than perfect legs, it can be difficult to pull off.

Here are four alternatives to going with bare legs:

  1. If you're self-concious about pale skin, try the newest self-tanners. Even the drugstore variety now come with features such as built-in bronzers that help you see where the self-tanner is going. Just remember to exfoliate first (shave!), and use with caution around the knees and feet (it tends to look the most artificial there). Even better: grab a friend or spouse to help you put it on smoothly and get around to the back of your legs.
  2. Going way beyond the sandalfoot toe (which gives you no visible pantyhose lines at the toe), manufacturers have designed toeless pantyhose.

    This way the sheer hose cover your legs (usually secured to the toes by a thong-like piece), but your toes peek out to give you a bare leg look. You'll need to have sandals or shoes with a strap to cover the area where the hose end and your bare foot begins, so experiment with this look before relying on it for a special occasion. Toeless hose are available at all price ranges including popular brands like Hanes.

  3. The variety of sheer pantyhose options are amazing, from super sheer summer-weight hose to a type that Silkies.com offers called "Sun Oiled Sheen" pantyhose that glisten like you just got off the beach. Remember that the best sheer pantyhose are close to your natural skin tone, not too dark or light.
  4. Leg makeup may sound icky, but it's a great way to cover blemishes, varicose veins, even tattoos. Dermablend is a go-to name for corrective cosmetics and its "Leg and Body Cover" promises to go on easily over moisturizer and not rub off. Make sure your leg makeup is dry before you get dressed.

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