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Getting it right underneath

  • Fit is everything in a bra. Go to a good boutique or store and have an expert "fit" you. It may feel uncomfortable for a stranger to do this, but it's the best way to get a perfect fitting bra.
  • For form-fitting, low-cut apparel, give Mother Nature a boost and use a push-up bra for the best cleavage.
  • For larger-busted women, choose a full cup with underwire. Minimizers can help reduce the bustline, as well.
  • For smaller busts, choose padded push-up bras.
  • Have a wardrobe of lingerie -- casual looks call for simple, comfy (often cotton) styles; sexier looks for lace, maybe even a thigh-high and garter belt. Have fun with it.
  • Don't forget the details. Remember to switch to smooth-seamed cups for knit shirts and wear the appropriate color: wear a nude colored bra with light tops; black with dark. Make sure your straps don't show. Switch to strapless if they do.
  • For fitted bottoms, choose thongs or super-smooth panties. Make sure your panty lines don't show.
  • Choose one-piece or slip-type stretch slimmers for the sleekest lines under fitted dresses.
  • For full coverage, there are even pantliners that go practically to the ankle.
  • The bare-legged look may seem chic, but there are varicose veins, uneven tans and razor stubble to contend with. And there's nary a control-top in sight. Instead, opt for nude-colored, sheer pantyhose (sandalfoot, of course) to get the same look.

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