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Choosing a bra depends on your figure type (whether small-chested or well-endowed) and on your wardrobe needs (from low-cut, clingy knits to high-necked, tailored wovens). There is a wardrobe of bras to choose from that covers a wide variety of needs, from smooth satiny styles to wear under silks and knits to strapless or convertible bras for that special gown.


Getting the proper fit is critical. If there are weight fluctuations or a pregnancy, the fit should be rechecked:
  • To MEASURE BRA SIZE: Always measure with the bra on. For band size (i.e., 34, 36, 38, etc.), hold tape gently and measure around chest directly above bust at underarm level. If measurement is an odd number, add 1", For cup size, (i.e., A, B, C), measure around fullest part of bust. The band size minus the fullest bust measurement determines cup size.


    0" or less AAA
    0" to 1/2" AA
    Up to 1" A
    Up to 2" B
    Up to 3" C
    Up to 4" D
    Up to 5" DD
    Up to 5 1/2" F

    Add one cup size for each additional inch.


  • To Put On: Slip straps over shoulders, lean forward to fill cups fully; hook fastener. Then straighten up to adjust straps.
  • Check Front-to-Back Angle of Bra:Should be straight or slightly longer in back.
  • Center Front Fit: Seam or closure should lie flat against breastbone, with no gaps between caps.
  • Frame/Sides:Should lie smoothly, without binding or "cutting in," or flesh overflowing.
  • Straps:Should support comfortably without cutting into shoulders.
  • Cups:Should fit smoothly, without wrinkling (try a smaller cup size) or pulling (try a larger cup size). The breasts should fill the cups without overflowing.


    Bras are available in a range of styles and fabrics to suit your wardrobe needs and your mood! Select from tailored, sheer, lacy, stretch and combination styles in silky soft DuPont TACTEL® nylon, satiny ANTRON® nylon, cottony soft SUPPLEX® nylon or luxurious MICROMATTIQUETM microfiber polyester, often blended with LYCRA® brand spandex for extra comfort, fit and freedom of movement.


    Seamed: A basic bra for every figure that needs a little more support. The seams define the bra's shape and size. Padded and Padded Push-Up: Bras with fiberfill padding that add size, definition and a natural, well-proportioned look to smaller bust-lines. Padded push-ups go a step further, offering maximum cleavage and curves.
    Seamless: For all figure types that need a smooth look under clothes. Choose exact size, from light to full support, as cups are molded into a permanent shape and fit. Underwire: Bras with soft, flexible wiring under each cup to lift, separate and support the bust-line.
    Contour: A "lightly padded" bra with a minimal layer of fiberfill to add definition and size to small bust-line. and in-between sizes. Soft Cup: A bra without underwires or padding.
    Stretch: Bras made of fabrics with LYCRA® lend a smooth, sleek look and great freedom of movement, comfort and fit. Demi-Cup: A cut-away, contoured underwire bra that lifts and reveals the tops of the breasts for a decollete look.


    Full Support: Features banding under caps, substantial sides, and closures with two or more hooks.

    Light Support: Features cut away sides, little or no banding under cups.

    Front Closure: To accommodate plunging or v-neck lines, a bra cut low between the cups, with front hook or clasp.


    Strapless: For strapless fashions, an underwire bra with wide sides. Fabrics with LYCRA® brand spandex add extra comfort and stay-in-place fit. Halter:A bra with convertible straps that fasten behind he neck, for backless dresses; can also be worn conventionally, crisscrossed or one-shouldered.
    Wide-Away:A style with widely-spaced shoulder straps, for revealing necklines. Sports Bra: For working out, a support bra that allows a full range of motion and minimizes bouncing. Quality features include wider straps; cups lined in COOLMAX® to wick moisture away from the skin and protect against chafing and irritation; and cup and body fabrics blended with LYCRA® for comfort and freedom of movement.
    Minimizer: Designed to de-emphasize full bust-lines. Non-constricting fabrics with LYCRA® give a smooth, natural, flatter look. Racer-Back: Like a racing tank swimsuit, a style with straps that meet in a v-shape in back, between the shoulder blades. Good for sleeveless tops.


    Nursing: A bra with specially-designed cups that open at the top for nursing.

    Mastectomy: A bra with special pocketed sides to accommodate a prosthesis.

    Bustier: A lavish lace-trimmed, bosom-to-hip corset style garment, usually with detachable garters.

    Long Line: A midriff-slimming bra with to-the-waist panels for extra smoothing.

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