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Lingerie styles in fashion trends & how to wear them

Trendwatch: Lingerie styles in fashion trends

Designers have a love affair with lingerie. The connotations of sex, the idle rich and silk-on-the-skin with fashion are strong and importantly, they sell. Making women look like sexual objects from the bedroom to the party is a tried and true fashion ploy that all the designers have employed from Armani to Donna Karan, but this season the trend is dominating the collections.

Sure, lingerie has been floating round for seasons, and model actresses like Milla Jovovich and Jennifer Lopez often wear slips and frilled necklines with lingerie influenced designs to look feminine and sexy. But it was Janet Jackson in the long white bias satin dress by Monique Lhuillier that looked like she’d stepped out of the boudoir and into the premiere and stopped the cameras dead.

Lingerie has arrived.

Ralph Lauren has designed a big lingerie influenced collection this summer 03 season with his Americana sexy satin silky shirts and wide pants like pajamas on the skin and drop dead gorgeous to wear. Similarly, Kate Hudson in a Ralph Lauren white slip of a night-dress with pin-tucking neckline and accessorized only by a shawl she’d grabbed from the bedside and bed hair curls, looking all the part like she’d loved-and-left in her lingerie. So sexy.

The other big trend of twenties inspired clothes teams perfectly with lingerie inspired garments- the bias cuts, the vintage looks and the retro styles of pleats, pin-tucking and knee-length dresses and slips. The Prada twenties dress, as worn by actress Amanda Peet and Milla Jovovich, sums up this trend- little sweet nothing of a slip with pleated panels on the front and shiny fabrics moved from the sheets to the champagne.

How to wear the lingerie Look

So, on hot summer nights will you pare down to the seductiveness of lace and satin, in a teeny weeny slip or camisole top, or take a more conservative approach with a lingerie-inspired twenties slip dress?

How about pairing a slip top with your favourite jeans? Enjoy the sheer lightness of being with a little camisole from a genuine lingerie label like Bendon or Warners, and tone it down with casual jeans or a denim skirt and flat shoes.

Or try a vintage slip dress with a shawl, like Kate Hudson. Wear with pointy toe heeled shoes for a feminine glamour puss look. Diamante earrings finish off the look and you don’t need a necklace- let the neckline be your jewellery.

How about a long-sleeved shirt in satin lingerie fabric- a silky satin shirt with straight wide legged trousers and flat shoes, for drinks or office work under your jacket.

Lingerie fashion is everywhere this season- get your gear off and flirt a little. At least you’ll be dressed for bed already.

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