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Lingerie Trends for 2005

Since the turn of the century, the term Lingerie doesn’t just imply underwear, bra’s, nightgowns or sleepwear. In recent years, Lingerie seems to have taken on a name of its own; sexy, seductive, romantic, lace, see thru, erotic, exotic and many other fun analogies. Lingerie now could imply: Corsets, Bustiers, Bodystockings, Leather, Gowns, Robes, Open Bust Bras, See Thru Bras, and even Sexy Halloween Costumes as Lingerie. Today, for a woman to enter a hot nightclub wearing just a sexy camisole is definitely the trend for “Clubwear Lingerie” in 2005. One can walk into just about any store from Walmart to Chico’s and find Lingerie, not just in the "Lingerie" sections, but also in the Misses & Junior Wear sections of the stores. Yes, Lingerie is not just for the bedroom anymore. Sexy Lingerie is now worn to night clubs, restaurants & parties. Not just under ClubWear, but as Clubwear!

Lingerie used to be what was worn under your clothes, but oh how times have changed. Open Bust Bra? What’s that purpose? Well, certainly not to cover the breasts! Lingerie is now fun, sexy, romantic, seductive, hot, silk, satin, lace, cotton, erotic, exotic and yes, even comfortable (well, some of it anyway)! There are many ways to describe Lingerie in the Year 2005.

Whatever your style or reason for wearing Lingerie, there is definitely something for everyone (and I do mean everyone, men included)! That’s right, now men’s Lingerie is hotter than ever. I actually bought my husband Lingerie for Valentine’s Day this year. Although the lip print cotton boxer shorts were far from “hot & sexy”, he loved them. So women, don’t forget your significant other when it comes to buying Lingerie, because there are many choices today when it comes to men’s lingerie. There are Leather G-Strings & Leather Harnesses (wow!) to silk boxers and briefs to elephant thongs and moo cow g-strings. Elephant Thongs? Yes, you heard right! Men’s Lingerie is far from the stone-age era and continues to become more popular every year. Maybe men are getting more in touch with their feminine side! One can only hope ;)

In short, Lingerie is no longer confined to an “undergarment” term. Lingerie is more sexy than ever with more choices than one can imagine. Whether it’s men’s lingerie or plus size lingerie; feel sexy, look sexy, be sexy with Lingerie! Copyright 2010 Victorias Visions Lingerie

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