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Hot Lingerie Trends

Just like other areas of the fashion industry, there is always something new and exciting on the horizon for lingerie. From the beautiful to the weird, here are a few of the newest highlights in lingerie fashion.

One of the more popular moves with lingerie is to take it out of the bedroom. Wearing camisoles and corsets around in public is deemed Clubwear lingerie, and seems to be taking a hold of many areas. Just make sure all the appropriate bits are covered - you don't want to get arrested!

Another way to show your lingerie is through the use of bows and tassels on pieces. Low rider jeans help with this, and a there are a growing number of thongs, panties, and bustier that have parts mean to be shown. These types of lingerie also seem to run for a higher price, so you would have even more incentive to show it all off!

One big trend is accessories and accents. You can't get away with just plain old lingerie - crystals, sequence, straps, fur, fine lace, and almost anything you can imagine is thrown onto lingerie. This makes for an infinity creative design and gives you plenty of options for choosing the perfect piece!

Baby dolls, boy shorts, and camisoles are in high demand. This goes hand in hand with the trend of wearing your lingerie around. Lighter colors and more playful designs are in vogue, with pastels taking a clear lead over other colors.

Thongs have been big for quite awhile, and with an even large variety of styles and fashions being designed, it just keeps on going. More and more women are discovering that thongs really aren't that uncomfortable (for the most part) and are wearing thongs for everyday activities as well.

Corsets corsets corsets! The demand for corsets is greater than ever, and with the hybrid camisole corset you don't have to worry about a pinching tight fit.

The last big trend for this year is the full ensemble. This seems to be brought about by women on the go that don't want to waste time picking out each and every last accessory for their lingerie. This includes robe and lingerie sets, baby dolls, chemises, and gowns.

This year is an exciting one for lingerie trends, and it will definately help you spark some excitement in the bedroom!

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