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Anti Aging Skin Care Is There A Miracle In A Jar

We've all seen see the ads promising instant youth and beauty when we buy a particular facial skin care product. "Scientific Breakthrough!" proclaims one. "Doctors Discover Miracle Cure For Wrinkles," shouts another. We're only human and can't help wondering if maybe this time, science has actually landed upon the miracle in a jar and perhaps for $150.00 we can iron out wrinkles, fade skin discoloration and firm our skin tone by daily application of this new wonder anti aging skin care product.

So we read the instructions and "Yes!" There have been scientific tests performed which prove without a doubt that this is indeed the skin care product we have been waiting for! Look at the before and after photos. Look at the half face studies. After six weeks of using this wonder cream the fresh younger looking faces stare out at us from the pictures. It gives us this warm and fuzzy feeling that we too can achieve a younger and more attractive look. The jar is expensive looking and pretty, it would look lovely on the bathroom shelf. Halleluiah! All that stand between us and youthful beauty is money.

Well we're not going to let that stop us. So we float to the checkout, credit card and miracle product in hand, mentally calculating what we can cut back on this month so we can afford our dream. So are we witnessing a real miracle? Yes indeed.

But it's more a miracle of modern marketing than anything else. Don't be disappointed, at least we've got to keep our $150.00! Skin care marketing is very clever indeed. It preys on our insecurities and our lack of self esteem.

We want people to admire us and think we're attractive. When someone tells us we can achieve this by using their product, we want to believe it so we do believe it. That little voice of reason is silenced. Don't feel bad if you've recently fallen for this type of skin care hype.

There are many more of us who've done exactly the same thing. Yes I've done it too and I don't even have the excuse of ignorance. I've studied skin care and natural health and I know what the skin can absorb and what the best ingredients are.

But I bought the product anyway and used it faithfully every night for a month until it ran out. Trouble was I had to use it for six weeks to see real results! It was then time to decide whether to buy another jar and carry on to the six weeks. Fortunately common sense kicked in. I looked in the mirror. Yes my skin was looking pretty good. But I realized it was probably more because I'd taken the trouble to cleanse and nourish it for thirty days straight rather than the super anti aging ingredient inside the jar.

No I wasn't upset with the cosmetic company, they are in business to make money. I wasn't really upset with myself either, more amused that I'd been sucked in with clever marketing. There may well be skin care products in the market which can make a significant difference to our appearance, but I think I'll wait to hear about it in the media next time. After all the real fountain of youth when it comes, will be a newsworthy event I'm sure. Meanwhile, while we're waiting, is there any way we can improve our skin? I'm glad you asked.

Take care of your health, eat a healthy diet, use a good sunscreen and use quality natural skin care products. The results may amaze you!.

Absolutely natural skin care is the aim of http://www.just-natural-skincare.com We have lots of free information and 5 free books if you join our list. Wendy Owen is a health researcher and writer.


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