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What Do Women Consider The Perfect Handbag

For women, handbags are more an expression of fashion and personality than merely functionality and it is for this reason they are sacred. As I recall, there are approximately five brands of handbags that are worthy of ownership Louis Vuitton, Coach, Prada, Gucci and Burberry. Your Handbag, although an accessory to your wardrobe, is not usually separately rewarded with compliments. But, when someone recognizes your handbag for the maker and perhaps owns one, that's a good thing.

A woman's opinion would be quite different, however it is startling at how ugly today's more fashionable handbags are. For instance, if brown is your color, you might choose the muddy brown colored Louis Vuitton Handbag with the clip-art style emblems in a check pattern and everyone wants one. If a lighter version of brown checks suit you then the equally popular looking tan Burberry Handbag might suite you better. Whether men "cringe" at the sight of some of them, and women "adore" them, surely the design cannot account for their immense popularity. If a bag is attractive it can make you feel wonderful but it's all about proportion, shape, line, finish, fabric, and balance. If it is all of these it will sell.

Fake or real, "it's like you've got to have it or you'll die." The perfect Handbag is more important, even more than shoes, to accessorize a woman's wardrobe. Handbags are most closely tied to a woman's rousing persona than another other piece of fashion.

It expresses what group you want to be considered a part of although you start your own group. Woman of today don't fit into the mass marketing of the past. Compared to a woman's experience online, she can choose how her screen appears, what her username tells, her photos portray, and literally build a virtual sort of identity. Women are distinctive and each hold vibrant, unique personalities. Woman will agree it's tough to stand out and fit in all at once.

So perhaps there is an avenue for both - Perhaps it is symbolized in the Perfect Handbag. One last thing, "is it real or is it fake?" There is a difference between handbags that are obviously not an original. For example, there are the designer fakes that have initials almost exactly mimicking a genuine designer, and a purse that has different initials but a similar design.

Usually, the inferior craftsmanship in a knockoff designer bag consists of puckered seams, low quality leather, and large and uneven stitching. Another giveaway for fakes is the price. A real Louis Vuitton handbag sell for about $500.00 to $1,000.00 and a knockoff can be purchased for around $100.

00 to $200.00 each. And you can bet that if you buy your purse out of the trunk of a car, you can pretty much bet it's not real!.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Florida. Find more about this as well as Designer Handbags at http://www.designer-handbags-plus.com


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