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Black pearl jewelry is gaining more and more acceptance and popularity in fashionable and stylish jewelry. As compared to the traditional and classic white pearls, women and even men are lured to the deep color of black pearls, along with their stylish designs. Black pearl jewelry looks great and blends well with any light-colored dress, just like the effect when white pearls are worn with dark-colored clothing.

Black pearls are produced by black-lipped oysters that live in the Indian Oceans and the French Polynesia. With an average size of around 8 to 17 millimeters they are the only pearls that have a natural dark color. Black pearls also called Tahitian pearls, do not only come in a black color.

They could also be dark blue, gray, brown and blue green with overtones of red, purple or green.
Freshwater and saltwater black pearl jewelry differ. The black pearls from the sea have a deeper color, while freshwater pearls have a faded or light gray appearance. The saltwater pearls are usually rounder and more lustrous than freshwater pearls, making them more expensive.

Larger and rounder pearls and pearls with various overtones are more valuable and stylish. Black pearls are the most frequently and popularly searched color followed by pink, blue and white pearls.

The unique beauty and natural mystique of black pearl jewelry make it great gift for any occasion.

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