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Hello Kitty She Has No Mouth But Speaks Japanese And English

If you've never heard, seen or worn "Hello Kitty", you may have been living in a cave over the past decade. When Hello Kitty first appeared in 1974 she did not even have a name. Hello Kitty was this cute little cat that was almost always shown simply sitting down with a little red boy over her left ear. But exactly who is this adorable, mouth-less "kitty" that has captured the hearts and minds of so many adoring fans? Popularized in the 1990s when celebrities used this beloved cat in their own fashion merchandise, Hello Kitty has taken the world by storm.

Hello Kitty is known as being one of the most well-known and popular characters. In this fictional world Hello Kitty lives with her family which includes her Mama, Papa, and twin sister Mimmy. She has a boyfriend named Dear Daniel. She also has Cathy, Cinnamoroll, Chococat, ChiChai Monchan, Chibimaru, Badtz Maru, Deery Lou, Tippy the Bear, Jodie the Dog, Tiny Chum the Bear, Joey the Mouse, Tim and Tammy the Monkeys, Rory the Squirrel, Tracey the Racoon, Mori the Seal, Fifi the Sheep, and her own pet Charmmy Kitty.

When Hello Kitty was first introduced she became extremely popular among Japanese school girls, and eventually made her way to Britain as well as America. Hello Kitty fans of all ages were happily buying up all sorts of Hello Kitty products. Today, Hello Kitty is a fashion diva and feline of cute sold in 40 countries with her face on 20,000 different products.

Hello Kitty is so popular that they have even made her the star of her very own animated TV series in both Japan and America. On top of that, she plays the main role in the Hello Kitty Animation Theatre which features popular remakes of classic fairy tales. Hello Kitty products are featured on a diverse line of goods and products such as Hello Kitty book bags, Hello Kitty bedding, and the much sought-after Hello Kitty digital camera. With goods ranging from soft, plushy animal toys up to purses, digital cameras and clothing, the Hello Kitty brand has become a logo recognized around the world. Further increasing the popularity of Hello Kitty products are the photos of famous celebrities sporting Hello Kitty products; even a Hello Kitty credit card. Today Hello Kitty Merchandise stocks the shelves of nearly all American department stores and the Hello Kitty character has even been featured in advertising campaigns buy retail giants like Target in the US.

Products such as Hello Kitty bedding, the Hello Kitty wrist watch line, and the much sought-after Hello Kitty digital camera are just a few of the plethora of goods offered in a Hello Kitty version. Females are by far the largest market for Hello Kitty products. And at times it seems their appetite for Hello Kitty products is insatiable. There's a new Hello Kitty Robot, for example, equipped with both face and voice recognition, and the ability to dance around while talking to its owner. And let's not forget the newly-released Hello Kitty debit card.

Emma Carey runs one of the most popular online shopping stores, Stuff-Japan.com for Hello Kitty products. Stuff-Japan is a leading online store offering a wide shopping frenzy for Hello Item Kitty products, Japanese Bento Box Containers and Japanese Cosmetic Skin Care.


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