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How To Look Great On Your Wedding Day with Your Wedding Dress Lingerie

Have you ever caught yourself daydreaming of being beautifully dressed in the latest fashion and everybody is going WOW . Then reality sets in and we go back to watching the six o'clock news . Now being well dressed is the desire we all have so here are a couple of tips to brighten up your day .

This includes your wedding dress and your wedding dress lingerie. Plenty of women on tight budgets or who think they have a figure problem still manage to look wonderful everyday. That's because they have learned the secret of style ; wear what suits you ! Now take a moment to learn how to use your clothes to showcase what is most beautiful about yourself . Learn to add the personal touches that make a look your own. Start with wearing elegant lingerie under all your outfits. Fit Find clothes that fit you properly, including your body lingerie, if you wear a 12 don't try to wear a 10 .

A good fit is when clothes skim the body , showing curves with out clinging to them and that all the details pockets , flaps seams and pleats lie flat . Any time clothing pulls or buckles it not only creates a sloppy appearance it adds pounds. The same is true of clothes that are to big , sweat the small stuff , the devil is in the details. Fabric Fabrics that fall smoothly over the curves of your body are the most flattering . But the hunt for just the right drape , weight , and texture can take some patience . Color Anyone who has ever stepped out of the house in a red dress knows color catches the eye and can make you look terrific.

How about some red honeymoon lingerie to spark the romance. Monochromatic There are two compelling reasons to dress in one color . The long , unbroken line it creates makes for a pulled together look , and an overall color can make you appear slimmer . Stark color contrast draw the eye and form horizontal lines that divide your body making it appear wider and shorter .

Example if you have a belly bulge the line created where your white shirt meets your black pants call attention to the very spot . Where a monochromatic looks helps the eye glide right over trouble spots . While any color will achieve the effect , darker colors which absorb light are the most slimming . Different shades for the same color will also work.

Did you find these style basics helpful? If you apply these basics with all your wedding day outfits, you'll look Great on your special day. Also make your honeymoon a special time with some romantic lingerie. You'll find a nice selection of Bridal Lingerie at my lingerie website and a guide for fitting your lingerie for your perfect fit. Click Here


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