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How To Make Your Own Beaded Jewelry

If you love crafting and exploring new hobbies then making beaded jewelry can prove to be a fun and rewarding experience. Romantic designs If Valentine's Day is just round the corner and you want to surprise her with some handmade jewelry then here are some great ideas. You can use wire along with delicate beads to create a beautiful bracelet. Otherwise, you could use purple colored beads to create dramatic necklaces, charms as well as long earrings for your beloved. Gold ‚?" a classic combination You can even use gold or gold plated metal in combination with dark colored beads like maroon, fuchsia pink as well as browns.

These go perfectly well with the gold metal as they provide a nice, rich contrast. You could use plain gold wire to shape them into intricate and ornamental necklaces. Then adorn them with chunks of beads to create a dramatic effect. Nowadays, you can also avail varieties of metallic beads which look stunning with gold. If you are feeling more feminine, try using pale lilac or pink beads along with gold to create beautiful earrings.

Gemstones ‚?" healing powers When you wish to cure a near and dear one of some illness or generally want to wish them luck and prosperity then try using gemstones. These have special healing powers and can do wonders to a person‚??s life. If you have a friend who is staying alone and needs support then a tiger‚??s eye can work miracles.

If you want to sharpen and hone your focus and concentration then the emerald can do wonders for you. Traditionally beads such as pearls and corals were used for pregnant women as they helped protect the wearer. If your friend is traveling to a distant land then give him or her a smoky quartz bracelet which will keep troubles at bay. Variety of jewelry There is a lot that you can do with handmade beaded jewelry.

You can create stunning necklaces, chokers, bracelets, toe rings, hand rings, bangles and plenty more with them! You can even create a beautiful set comprising bracelet, ring, earrings and necklace. You can wear this with a matching outfit and it is sure to make heads turn! Plus no one will ever know that you actually made it by yourself! Personalized gifting Your friend's birthday is coming up and you are wondering what to gift her this time. You have already given her the usual clothes, perfumes etc.

Well, this time you can be a little unique and innovative with classic handmade beaded jewelry. You can use the colors of beads that she likes and create a personalized, custom made and charming jewelry set! Techniques used in making beaded jewelry There are several techniques that are used in making beaded jewelry. The most common ones are stringing and wire working. The variety of strings used ranges from plastic, cord or even twine.

One can also use nylon as well as silken threads for this purpose. Hemp fiber is increasingly being used nowadays to lend a chic touch to modern jewelry. The gauge of the wire is extremely important while creating beaded jewelry with wire. Knots used There are also numerous knotting techniques that are used in creating beaded jewelry. While amateurs will use basic knot variants, the more seasoned jewelry makers will use fancier versions. The knots used in East Indian culture have been used to put a curse on others while in Romans it was used in auspicious marriage ceremonies.

Materials needed There are certain tools and equipment you will need before you start making beaded jewelry. You will need ‚?" * Wires ‚?" The gauge of the wire is very important. If you use very thick wire then the bead may not go through. * Clasps ‚?" These are used in attaching the ends of the wire together such as in a bracelet or necklace.

* Bead trays ‚?" These are useful when you need to place different colored beads for stringing purposes. * Cords ‚?" If you are using the technique of stringing then you can use cord or plastic string too. * Pliers ‚?" These are necessary if you are using wire while making beaded jewelry. You will need to bend and turn the wire according to the desired shape. There are two types of pliers needed * Round nosed plier ‚?" It is good for shaping the wire into rounds * Pointed plier ‚?" Needed for cutting wires into size How to make a floating necklace This is a choker type of necklace and is one of the easiest to make. In fact it is often recommended for beginners just starting out with beaded jewelry.

You will need tigertail, wire cutters, clasps as well as beads and pliers. You need to cut off the tigertail according to size and then push the bead inside. Follow it with a clasp.

Then keep putting the other beads into the wire till you have the required size. Then shape the other end of the wire into a circle so that the clasp fits in. That‚??s it ‚?" your floating beaded necklace is ready!.

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