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Liposuction Surgery Provides New Possibilities

When diets and exercise don't work to erase trouble spots, many people turn to liposuction surgery to help them obtain the body they desire. Where other things have failed, a skilled plastic surgeon can actually provide the image the patient desires. Liposuction is a serious surgical procedure that requires a skilled plastic surgeon with an eye and a hand for artistic pursuits.

Also known as body sculpting, this procedure involves the removal of fat deposits from certain known "trouble" areas within the body. The most commonly operated on areas using liposuction include the chin, breasts, neck, cheeks, upper arms, calves, knees and more. Good surgeons will say this surgery is not meant to replace dieting and exercise, but it can help where other methods failed. But if diet and exercise aren't practiced, it is possible the fat deposits will come back. Choosing a surgeon to perform liposuction should be a careful process. The doctor must be skilled.

It's a very good idea to have a surgeon that has operating rights at area hospitals, even if the procedure is completed in a doctor's office. And, always check into the doctor's background and make sure he or she is easy to communicate with. For optimum results, the patient must state their goals and the doctor must be able to explain what's possible, what isn't and what results can be expected along with any possible negative results. Many doctors who perform liposuction look for ideal candidates or close to it before they will perform surgery. This means people with realistic expectations, of normal weight or close and with fairly elastic skin. Patients, of course, must also be in good health overall.

A good surgeon will stress a few things to a patient. The first being there are no guarantees. Complications can arise and the look desired may simply not be attainable.

When it comes to complications of liposuction, many are the same as for any surgical procedure. There can be problems with infection, healing, nerve damage and more. Drug reactions are also possible as is a collection of fluid.

The loss of too much fat and fluid if the procedure covers a large area can result in shock. Even if the procedure is deemed a success, other issues may arise, too. These include bagginess of the skin over the area operated on, pigment changes, a loss of symmetry and uneven contour and shape. All in all, liposuction surgery is considered a fairly safe procedure that can help both men and women deal with trouble areas on their bodies. While there are no guarantees, a successful operation can lead to a better body image and a better ability to maintain appearance through diet and exercise.

Plastic surgeons who are well-trained, skilled and honest with themselves and their patients can produce some amazing results. The trick behind it for the patient is finding the best, being honest with the doctor and themselves about expectations and following all instructions before and after the procedure.

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