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Makeup Application Tips How to Apply Professional Makeup

Okay, let's "face" it. There are very few women in the world that are naturally picture perfect. Luckily, there are many make-up techniques that can help. Applying make-up should not be difficult.

Mineral Makeup forms a protective barrier on your skin while still allowing your skin to breath. Mineral Make up gives a lightweight natural feel that allows your skin to breathe, unlike talc-based products that can clog pores and damage skin. If you apply make up eyeshadow use a small brush or sponge applicator to apply shadow over your eye lids, or in the creases, for contouring effect. Apply more than one color if desired.

Cover whole lid from lash line to eyebrow, then add another color to lid (lighter color), then one in the crease of the eye lid first using color as a highlight on brow bone blend color just where the meet. Mix matte and shimmer color together. Apply wet for a more dramatic effect or use as an eyeliner. Finishing powders are applied as you would a foundation.

Using your blush brush simply swirl and tap in your lid and apply to cheeks. If you apply eyeliner asmall angle brush works best for this. Eyeshadows may also be used as eyeliners. Apply the foundation with your fingers or a o-tip in dots in areas of your face. With a cosmetic sponge, spread the foundation until it is well-blended into the skin. Use a lip pencil to outline the lips and make them stand out.

The next step will be to apply lipstick with a lip brush. A lip brush makes the lipstick look professionally applied. Mix the minerals in with your favorite lip gloss shade to change the color or with a clear gloss to add a boost of color and shimmer.

You can apply the minerals to your lips first. There are women who are not beautiful, but since they know the art of carrying themselves, they come the center of attraction despite their orninary looks. We provides you with all information on cosmetics products in the market and latest makeup application tips to enchance your natural beauty. For makeup application, there are several different ways.

But for me, I do one of the following makeup application techniques depending on my mood, time and color choices. Make up Application Tips 1. Do not apply white or black shadows to your eyes. 2.

Applying lipstick - Cool pink lipstick should be applied with a lipbrush. If you like, you can slick a little lipgloss or lip balm on the top for a sexy shimmer look. 3. Apply a light color all over the lid.

Use a darker shade for your upper, outer lid. 4. Brushes should not be so stiff that they scratch the face, nor so soft as to be floppy and difficult to control. 5. Apply lip liner to completely cover the lips, add color and your lipstick will stay on much longer. 6.

Your hair color should also be in harmony with your skin. If you have dark hair and you want to add color, keep it close to the same shade. If you have light hair, use light colors. As you age your skin will lighten, so should your hair color. One last thing about hair color - if you do color you hair be sure you keep it up, don't let your roots show.

7. Keep makeup looking fresh all day by doing regular touch ups. 8. Powder blush is best for oily and combo skin.

9. The purpose of eye shadow is to shape and accentuate the eye, not color it. Do not overuse eye shadow.

The face looks more attractive when you use natural colors 10. Never go to bed with your makeup on. When the makeup is left on overnight it will clog the pores.

It prevents the skin from shedding and may cause blemishes and/or blackheads. The skin needs to breathe overnight. Blush Smile, take a blush brush and apply a shade of blush to your cheeks. After this part, sweep the brush back into the hairline.

This will make your face glow. This is the basics of make-up application. There are many colors and tools to experiment. Find your look and remember, applying make-up is an art which makes you look your best. Now of course this is not the only way to apply makeup but the way I believe works the best.

However if you want to play up the lips by using a brighter or darker shade of lipstick then do your lips first and eyes last. This way you won't over power the other.

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