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making pendants

How To: Make a Simple & Stylish Pendant You can see the full article with detailed pictures on silverrose.net /articles/pendant-making.htm You will need the following materials: (a) one Bead (b) one headpin (c) Snap on Bail the following tools: 1. Round-nose pliers 2.

Cutting pliers 3. Flat-nose pliers 4. Needle-nose pliers * Put head pin through bead * Bend head pin at right angle using Flat-nose pliers * Bend head pin into a loop using Round-nose pliers Click on any picture for larger images. * Wrap wire around base of circle using Flat-nose pliers to hold the loop & Needle-nose pliers to wrap * Clip off left over wire to 1/16" using Cutting pliers * Tuck end of filed wire around base of wrap * Snap bail (d) onto loop * Check to make sure pendant hangs straight * Make adjustments to straighten if necessary.

http://www.silverrose.net/articles/pendant-making.htm www.silverrose.net


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