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Skin Care Advices for Your Special Event

Each one who is preparing himself for a major event in his life or who will be in front of the public eye wants to look very beautiful and attractive on this big day, for example ;graduation day ,engagement day or wedding day,.etc. So you can follow some simple tips to help you to avoid the problems that could occur with your skin especially on your special day. Rosacea skin or Acne: If your skin condition is like Rosacea or Acne, you have to visit a dermatologist before this big day by 3 or 4 months at least .This period to put your condition under control and give time to your skin to heal up for this occasion. Sweating, Unwanted hair and Wrinkles: Think of having treatments like Botox to control the excessive sweating and for the frown lines.

You can use Artecoll, Juvederm, Restylane fillers for scars, creases, and wrinkles. Also you can make laser treatments to remove the unwanted hair or to remove blood vessels which are broken from your face .These treatments have to be used before the major event by at least 3 weeks, to develop the benefits of the treatment and also to resolve any side effects resulted from them like small bruises or redness. You can decide the time and the plan you are going to make with your dermatologist to put this time into your consideration before you begin these treatments.

New Cosmetics: You have to test new cosmetics in advance to decrease the risk that could happen and the interference with the enjoyment of this event, like irritant reaction or allergy. Sun Tanning: You have to use sun protection as it is very important especially at the weeks before the great event to decrease the risk of having peeling or sunburn. You also have to be away from experimenting with tanning beds especially in the weeks before the great event, this is because the probability of having an undesired reaction caused by the U.

V light. Self Tanning: You must avoid the first time usage of spray-on trans and the self-tanning creams for 3weeks in advance before the big event in order not to have unusual color created or allergic reaction from these products .But if you want to use them, so you have to test them about several months before; to get reliable results and be safe .Some self-tanning products can discolor fine clothing due to the pigments created by them, so it is better to avoid them within a week before the special day. Sometimes there is allergic reaction or flare up of Acne before the great event you are waiting like the graduation day or the wedding day, so you have to arrange an immediate appointment with your dermatologist so he can help you by modern medical treatments .Many of them give you a high priority appointment in such emergency cases especially when he knows that there is a big event coming up .

He becomes very sympathetic with such cases as he knows how important this event to you.

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