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Taking Care Of Your Hair Naturally

Your hair is your crowning glory and most people want it to look lustrous and natural so it's a wonder so many of us over process our hair with hair color and other treatments. This processing can damage your hair and leave it dried out and dull. Of course, there is a plethora of products on the market that will claim to restore the natural beauty of your hair, but doesn't it makes sense to use natural remedies instead of shampoos and conditioners that are loaded with chemicals? Here's some natural ingredients you might want to try on your hair. Not only will they make your hair look great but these will cost you a lot less than those expensive salon products.

Oil Plain old everyday cooking oil will work just as good as any hot oil treatment and is a great way to rehydrate your hair. Take a couple of tablespoons of oil and work it through your hair paying special attention to the ends. If your hair is dry on the ends but greasy on top, skip the top and just massage it into the ends. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then rinse out thoroughly. Your hair might feel a little greasy after this and you might want to experiment with the amount of oil until you get it just right. Another way to use oil to give your hair more moisture and make it shiner is to use an oil and honey mixture.

Try 2 tablespoons oil to 1 tablespoon honey and massage into your hair. Let it sit for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly. Don't shampoo it out, simply rinse it and then style your hair as you usually would. Eggs Eggs are good food and they are good for your hair too! In fact, eggs are one of the best natural hair conditioners around so don't be afraid to use it on your hair.

You can make an egg mixture for your hair by beating one egg and cup water. Massage it into your hair and let it sit for 10 minutes. Then simply rinse it out and style your hair. Mayonnaise Mayonnaise can act as a deep conditioner and is especially good on dry and over processed hair. Look for real mayonnaise (not salad dressing) in the store.

You want to use it on your hair while it is dry and slather it on, massaging it into every hair follicle right down to the ends. Then wrap your head in plastic wrap (yes, the kind you use for wrapping up food) and let sit for 25 minutes then rinse and style. Yes, it can be kind of messy but will really add shine to your hair! Maple Syrup This is another great, but messy natural hair conditioner. Use 100% pure maple syrup and massage it into your hair. Let sit for 10 minutes then rinse thoroughly and style your hair as normal. But what good is shiny silky hair if it is dotted with flaky dandruff? If you suffer from these annoying flakes you might want to try some of these natural remedies to treat your scalp: Grapeseed extract is said to be great for helping eliminate dandruff and you can add it right to your shampoo.

Speaking of which if you are using a commercial shampoo, you want to be sure to use one that has tar extract as this will help to treat the dandruff. Using an apple cider rinse can help control dandruff as well. Mix cup water and cup apple cider vinegar and apply it to your hair. Leave in for 1 hour. Wash your hair, rinse and style.

Lee Dobbins writes for http://www.herbs-home-remedies.com where you can find out more about natural treatments and home remedies.


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