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The EverPopular Sandal Put Your Foot into It

Sandals are an essential part of every man and woman's wardrobe. They are perfect for outdoor gatherings like picnics, and easy to slip off during a relaxing stroll on the beach! While they are not made for strenuous walks or long hikes, sandals can liven up your informal outfits with grace and elegance. The ever popular reef sandals have been gaining attractiveness steadily over the last two decades. Everyone who's anyone owns a pair! The classic two-strap sandal is an evergreen choice for both men and women.

With adjustable straps, this elegant piece of footwear is even acceptable with semi-formal outfits. The sandal is an all-time favorite because it can adapt to just about any situation, and fits perfectly into shoe styles every woman needs as part of her accessories. Check out the ballroom dancing suede sandal, with a stylish 2-inch heel and easy-release buckles. The convenient straps keep your feet snugly in place as you waltz the night away! The salsa-style dance sandal is also available in attractive fluorescent colors, but can be a bit cumbersome to put on and take off because of its elaborate calf-length strap. It rates pretty high on the 'wow' scale, though, and can have you looking and feeling like Cinderella at the ball! While the trend factor is usually the stimulus for buying sandals, remember than no shoe is worth its 'coolness' quotient if it hurts your feet. There is a wide range of trendy but comfortable women's sandals to choose from.

Try strappy sandals with block heels for a retro look, or slim cross-straps with tapering heels for an evening out. Sandals are among the very rare styles of shoes that both men and women can wear. The men's single-strap hemp sandal is a practical and yet stylish choice. Prices start at $33.

95. Adventurous men will fall in love with the range of adventure and sports sandals. The best are the ultimate in sports sandals with adjustable Velcro straps and sturdy rubber outsoles.

Some feature a stretch-fit, and are textile-lined to keep your feet fresh while you engage in your favorite sport! When buying your sandals, ensure that the heel does not have a 'lip' at the edge, which can rub against your skin and cause blisters. Also, while thin straps are in, take care that they don't cut into your skin! As far as sizes go, it's best to pick a reliable brand and stick to it, so that you can always buy the same size without hesitation.

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