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The Growth of Timberland

The history of Timberland dates back to the early 1920's. It was at this time that Timberland's founder Nathan Swartz began his career in shoemaking. This eager Bostonian set his roots as an apprentice stitcher. Swartz worked very hard at his craft and trade, making him one of the top shoe smith's around. Swartz always wanted to own his own shoe company so he saved up his money and in 1952 his dream came through as he purchased a half interest in the Abington Shoe Company. At the time of purchase Abington was primarily a shoe company that was a contractor to the other major manufacturers.

In 1955, Swartz decided to purchase the remaining half of the Abington Shoe Company making him the sole owner. He quickly brought his sons on board and made it a family affair. Once the ball was rolling the company began experimenting with its own brand of shoes.

In 1960, they introduced their crowning achievement in the form of a fully waterproof boot. This innovative creation quickly put them on the map and made them pretty popular. In 1973, the company decided to change its name to the Timberland Company. They named it after their ever popular waterproof boot brand. Then, in the late 70's, after Nathan Swartz stepped down as CEO, Sydney Swartz became CEO.

The company then began offering clothing and women's products to its line. By the 1990's the Timberland brand expanded to include, backpacks, watches and even kids shoes. Thanks in part to heavy endorsements from many popular rap stars the company continued to grow in popularity, now sporting a decidedly different demographic. No longer was it rugged outerwear only, but it was also a style brand as well?to this day Timberland continues to be one of the top sellers in urban shoes and clothing, thanks due to the celebrity endorsements.

Pop Culture Throughout the 1990's, many of rap's outspoken stars began wearing Timberlands for style. Some even decided to rap about it in their songs. This led to a boom in popularity for the Boston based company, introducing a demographic that they previously had not been marketing too, the city dwellers.

No longer was their brand exclusively for hiking or outer wear, but now it was being used as a fashion statement. Celebrities were wearing Timberland's to some of society's most A List accompanied functions, quickly moving the company up the trend ladder. Today, Timberland is more popular than ever, as the trend of being a stylish brand has continued. Timberland Range Timberland has branched into many different aspects of clothing. Their brands currently produce pants, shoes, boots, backpacks, watches, shirts and women's clothing. Recently, Timberland has also branched into the skateboard footwear market, with its purchase of the popular Ipath brand.

The company's vision has expanded exponentially beyond what Nathan Swartz had envisioned it to be. Branching into markets that previously would have been an afterthought, Timberland's aggressive expansion has put them on the map of popularity for many years to come.

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