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The Importance Of Time Keeping And How It Began

Although many may deny it, keeping track of the time is one of the primary considerations a person has. With so many things that must be accomplished in one day, it is necessary to constantly watch the time to make sure that everything is done on schedule. People have to make it to work on time and make sure the children make it to school on time. There are other things to schedule in the day such as after school classes and sports, making it to the dry cleaners before they close and getting dinner on the table at an acceptable hour. The consideration of time continues as people have certain television programs that they watch on a regular basis so they need to be in front of the television at a certain time to watch them.

Cooking meals involves keeping an eye on the time so that they will be cooked properly and even doing laundry has a strong time factor. Setting the drying time for each load may vary according to the type of fabric and the size of the load. With so many time consideration factors, many may wonder how people managed before the advent of watches. Prior to the invention of modern watches, a watch that was similar to a sundial was invented in 1524.

The same way that a sundial reflects the hour, these watches only had one hand so it would also only reflect the hour. Still, it was such an innovation that it was extremely expensive and likened to precious stones. Because of that, it was not available to the general public for years.

One of the most famous regions known for producing watches is Switzerland. They became famous for their watches over 500 years ago and continue to be a leader in the watch business today. Although 500 years ago, their watches left a lot to be desired in accuracy, today they are nearly unrivaled in their reputation for timekeeping precision. In the 1600s, Swiss watch makers found a way to use springs in their timepieces to help improve their accuracy. Back then, men wore watches that were worn around the neck. Pocket watches that were attached to a chain took over in 1675.

Today, they are still popular and come in cases that have a variety of themes, such as fishing, golf, hunting and trains. Many men love to receive this type of timepiece as a gift because since it is not worn on the wrist it is less subject to being damaged by being bumped around throughout the day. Instead, it remains safely in the pocket where little harm can come to it. In 1893, the Wenger Company was founded and began to produce quality watches that are still regarded as classic timepieces. Despite the fact that management of the company has changed throughout the years, the quality of the watches were never compromised and their watches are still as coveted today as they were over a century ago.

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