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The Top Ten Tanning Lotions in USA

Due to the limitless number of tanning lotions available in the U.S. market, many consumers are getting confused as to what products they should buy.

They are having a hard time deciding on which tanning lotion is the most effective one for them. Although consumers are convinced that most of the tanning lotion manufacturers are popularly known and that their products are highly recommended and effective, consumers are just overwhelmed by the many products that are displayed right before their faces every time they visit retail stores. In line with this, we have decided to research and share with you the top ten tanning lotions sold in the U.S.

in accordance with national sales figures as of 2007. Starting off with the tenth mostly sold product, we have the Outlaw Red Hot 6XXX Plus. This top tanning lotion does not only make the users feel hot, it also makes them sensual with its sensuous fragrance. Flavours Lickety Split is the top nine tanning lotion, Tan Asz U 4.

0 Brown Bronzer is the top eight, the Hempz Herbal Daily Moisturizer is the top seven, the Outlaw Black Hot Sext Bronzer is the top six, and the Exotic Hemp Daily Moisturizer is the top five. The fourth top tanning lotion is the Sun Sauce Sunless Bronzer. Once applied, the user will experience immediate results. And as hours pass by, the users' skin just gets tanner and tanner. Perhaps, one of the reasons why consumers love buying this is because of how easy it can be used.

The third top tanning lotion is the Hempz Black Label Bronzer, which can be bought in retail stores for US$65.00 and through online shopping for US$32.50. Consumers who purchase this top tanning lotion are recognized as advanced tanners. It is considered as an elite formula that effectively darkens the skin and at the same time, makes the skin look softer and richer.

The second top tanning lotion is the Brown Sugar Urban Princess product. Aside from the bronzers, this top tanning lotion is also composed of pomegranate extract, taurine, caffeine, and an ultra skin firming complex. Aside from providing the best tanning results, it also provides the best firming and toning results. Last but definitely not the least is the Outlaw Black Sextuple Bronzer.

This is the best among the top tanning lotions mentioned. This is made up of six bronzers, green tea and grape seed extract, sweet almond oil, Monoi de Tahiti, and shea butter, among others. According to most consumers, if you want to get the most intense firming and bronzing formula, this is the perfect product to buy.

Aside from allowing the skin to have a natural bronze color and aside from making the skin firmer, it also allows the skin to have a silky feel. Whichever you choose among these tanning lotions, they are guaranteed to satisfy you because they are all top tanning lotions.

Robert Thomson is the owner of a tanning lotion site where he writes tanning bed lotion reviews and shares his tips how to buy tanning lotions for less.


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